Wednesday, February 21, 2024

PWD Online Seller’s Story From South Cotabato Goes Viral, Inspire Others

PWD Online Seller’s Story From South Cotabato Goes Viral, Inspire Others

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Meet Sarida Enoc Lumenda, a 20-year-old online seller from Polomolok, South Cotabato, who captured the hearts of netizens for her indomitable spirit and determination in the face of health challenges.

Sarida, a person with disabilities (PWD), has become an instant source of inspiration as her story spreads online. Despite being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, UTI, and a Hepatic mass in 2021, Sarida has not allowed her health conditions to dampen her spirit and hinder her dream of opening a business.

Sarida’s online business, where she sells artificial flowers, gained viral attention as she shared her journey on social media. In a Facebook post, she delivered a powerful message to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Don’t cancel your business because your friends and family don’t support you. The world is full of strangers ready to support and buy from you! Keep going.”

Her small online business not only provides her with a platform to showcase her creativity but has also become a significant source of income. The earnings enable her to buy medicine, diapers, and sustain her daily needs. More importantly, the business serves as a lifeline for her family, particularly her mother, who sells at the local market.

Besides flowers, Sarida also sells made to order crochet items, clothes and accessories in her online store, showing her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Sarida’s story shows that strength can come from within, and she hopes to be a source of inspiration, especially for those dealing with similar struggles.

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